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We've perfected a highly successful marketing plan to help you sell more greeting cards and realize greater profits, by:

  1. Creating a strong traditional offering, both everyday and seasonal, which has wide appeal to your customers.

  2. Customizing your card selection by analyzing the demographics and buying interests of your customers. Our specialty card lines can complement your everyday program to appeal to more of your customers and increase sales.

  3. Placing and merchandising the card display so it will have maximum impact on your customers, including:

    • The best location in each outlet
    • Well signed for ease of selection
    • Attractive displays and window signage

  4. Providing proper upkeep and adequate inventory, so that you realize optimum sales and return visits by customers.

  5. Having the technology to advance sales and retail partnerships.

And, an easy to reorder system makes it possible for you to always keep displays well stocked, so that sales are never lost due to empty card pockets.

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