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Gallant offers a full selection of cards to cover a wide range of sending situations with the freshest styles and most popular designs, which is just what your customers want in their greeting cards.

Extensive use of value added card finishing techniques - fine embossing, bright foils, die cuts and insert pages - also add appeal to our line of cards, choose from:

  • A selection of 1,600 everyday designs
  • Cards for all major holidays
  • Specialty card lines:
    • Woodwinds™  acetate photo cards
    • On the Cutting Edge™   humor cards
    • Inspirational Thoughts™  religious cards
    • Estrella™  Spanish language cards
    • Kid Kraze™  nurturing cards
  • Packaged Goods and Invitations,  announcements and thank you notes

We provide everything you need to be successful. Merchandising options range from traditional permanent displays in various configurations, to smaller displays featuring specialty cards. We'll even provide display and window signage that will attract customers and make them want to buy cards from you.

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